Lilly Anne’s Sexy Stockings

Lilly Anne's Sexy Stockings

Lilly Anne is new to the web! She decided to start her own stocking site when she came home early and caught her boyfriend having phone sex with a girl. They talked about it and it turned out that he was fantasizing about stockings and pantyhose. Instead of breaking up, Lilly Anne decided to wear more kinky stockings and pantyhose and use them in foreplay and sex. One thing led to another and eventually the cute babe started up her own nylons website.

Above, she is in one of my favorite outfits. It’s a cross between the sexy french maid outfit and underwear. In fact even if it is just underwear I don’t think anyone would complain if she were to start cleaning in it. See the full sexy stockings gallery.

While a lot of nylon-lovers are not necessarily lovers of feet a sweet girl like Lilly demonstrates that a good-looking girl with lovely long legs and pretty feet can look incredible in a pair of nylon stockings. She teases and plays with us. Showing some thigh, some panties, pointing at us with her toes. If you like nylon and cute, teases then check out Lilly Anne’s new website!

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