Kirsty Blue shows Sexy Heels and Stockings at Leg Show

Sexy Kirsty Blue puts her feet up in nylon stockings and high heels

Take a look at this sexy stockings and high heels gallery from Leg Show. The babe in the pictures is Kirsty Blue who also has her own site. Here she’s in the office, relaxing in her work outfit of stockings and smart, high heels. She’s a sexy babe with very professional short hair, but you can tell that she’s very kinky from her poses and expressions.

Kirsty isn’t showing much skin, but what she is showing counts. Imagine having to work with her dressed like that. That couple of inches of bare flesh at the top of those long legs gets your attention as she walks past your desk, a whiff of perfume and as she walks on further down the corridor you see her shapely ankles and sexy high heels glide gracefully along the floor. Imagine those feet under the table in a meeting. Has she slipped them off or does she have her legs crossed with those heels resting against your leg?

The shoes she’s wearing today would be especially nice to feel as the inside of the shoe is open. Maybe she is sliding the inside of her shoe up and down your leg so you can feel the texture of the nylon against your trousers as she moves her foot. All the time taking notes and making points in the meeting. Sexy, huh? She can work at my office any time!

No matter what kind of girl you like Leg Show has them showing off their legs (and feet) whilst often getting naked and naughty. I’ve just been browsing and they have some awesome babes. These girls are beautiful and natural.. just plain sexy and real. Their legs are long, skin smooth and feet, perfect in every way. Check them out…

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