Amateur Spanish Feet

Amateur Spanish Feet

When we take a vacation in the Costa del Sol or other spanish resorts there is no shortage of cute spanish girls walking around in flip-flops, sandals or barefoot. If you have ever seen these hotties baring their feet and wanted to have that same feeling all year round.. this site is for you..

I can imagine the three girls in this Amateur Spanish Feet Gallery walking along a beach, getting sand between their toes. I really like the look of the redhead with the camoflage top and the brunette has some nice, rounded feet as you can see from the photo.

All three girls take turns to let their two friends kiss and lick their soles. These sample photos look a bit posed for me but its good because it proves that the girls are really amateurs.

It is a surprisingly large site with a big photo archive and plenty of amateur foot videos to browse, the foot models are girls who aren’t in every website out there, they are local spanish girls who presumably want to make some extra cash by showing their bare feet to the camera. Maybe they are students. Whatever they are I’m glad they did, why not try them out and…

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